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Category: Classical Instrumental Solo


Album: ConTempoRary Violin


Artist:  An Vedi

Category: Alternative Music Performance + Song for Social Change



Single: Gain A Victory



Artist:  Round the Globe feat. An Vedi

An Vedi performs Gain A Victory
at the Akademia Music Awards
 Gala Show 2022

Category: American Roots Song



Single: Music Heals



Artist:  An Vedi

Category: Contemporary Christian Performance/Song



Single: Saviour's Birthday



Artist:  An Vedi

Category: Global Music Performance



Single: Cranes



Artist:  An Vedi

Collaborative Projects

Category: Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance



Album: Ex aequo



Artist:  Duo Diversitas

An Vedi is the arranger of 2 tracks

on this album


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Category: New Age, Ambient or Chant Album 



Album: It Arrives



Artist:  Mehdi Rajabian feat. other artists, including An Vedi

An Vedi performs the lead violin on all tracks

Heyran by Jan Tamzejian
Starless Nocturne by Jay Reise

An Vedi plays upper strings

Category: Contemporary Instrumental Album



Album: Brindavan



Artist:  Devan Ekambaram