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Category: Classical Instrumental Solo


Album: ConTempoRary Violin


Artist:  An Vedi

Category: Alternative Music Performance



Single: Gain A Victory



Artist:  Round the Globe feat. An Vedi

An Vedi performs Gain A Victory
at the Akademia Music Awards
 Gala Show 2022

Category: American Roots Song



Single: Music Heals



Artist:  An Vedi

Category: Contemporary Christian Performance/Song



Single: Saviour's Birthday



Artist:  An Vedi

Category: Global Music Performance



Single: Cranes



Artist:  An Vedi

Collaborative Projects

Category: Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance



Album: Ex aequo



Artist:  Duo Diversitas

An Vedi is the arranger of 2 tracks

on this album


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Category: New Age, Ambient or Chant Album 



Album: It Arrives



Artist:  Mehdi Rajabian feat. other artists, including An Vedi

An Vedi performs the lead violin on all tracks

Heyran by Jan Tamzejian
Starless Nocturne by Jay Reise